5 Ways Ladies Create Relationship Problems For Themselves Without Knowing.

Sometimes, you are your own problem.

Relationships fail sometimes because of uncontrollable reasons, circumstances beyond the control of both partners – think unsupportive parents and incompatible genotype problems.

At other times and this is more often, relationships crash because one or both partners refuse to take their commitment to each other as seriously as they should. Either by actively or unknowingly refusing to do what they should be doing to make each other happy, couples have always put their own relationships are risk.

In a previous article here, we have listed the ways men create relationship problems for themselves. Below, we list the ways women do this to themselves:

1. Overthinking

All the things you won't tell your babe so as to keep her happy

While cheating and unfaithfulness is common and seems to be a vice everyone is indulging in these days, you will still need to have some trust if your relationship is to work at all. So quit the suspicions and the doubting of intentions. If he says it and acts it, then believe him until he makes himself untrustworthy.

To deny him of that benefit before this stage is wrong, and many times this is what women do to bring problems to relationships that would no be fine and devoid of issues.

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