5 Things A Guy Would Do Only If He Truly Loves & Cherish You.

The tips below will show you the things many men do when they really like a woman.

To know a guy likes you might not have universal signs and codes, but to an extent you would know from the things a guy does that he has an interest in you.

And you’d be playing yourself if you let go of a man who fits the image painted with the list below. Mind you, you can also read here, five things a woman does only if she really likes you.

1. Listens

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Players often fail at this. They listen up to a point just to get the sex going since that’s all they’re after anyway.

If he likes you, he’ll listen, and even prod you to hear the contents of your mind. He pays keen attention to you and remembers details of conversations had.

Maybe not all though, but hey, he remembers a lot.


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